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01 Jun 2018
Tekelek Australia Pty Ltd
01 Aug 2013
Tekelek Australia Pty Ltd

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The TankAlert is a device that provides remote monitoring of your tank liquid level.
The TankAlert uses an ultrasonic detector mounted to the top of a tank to monitor the liquid level this information is sent wirelessly by RF signal to a plug-in receiver that indicates the level to the user.
The TankAlert measures the level of usable liquid in your tank in and dispalys this on the receiver in 10 levels of the tank height.
The TankAlert  will fit easily to most standard storage tanks (plastic or steel) that have a 2” , 1½” or 1½” BSP gauge hole (60mm/48mm/42mm).
Suitable for use in tanks for the storage of water , diesel fuel, kerosene,gas oil types A2, C1, C2 and D as defined by BS 2869.
RF wireless range of up to 200m.
Setting available to enable a ‘low liquid level’ audible warning.

Full 1 year warranty subject to normal conditioSuitable for

Design & Development


Tytronics’ commitment to your new product begins with our highly skilled Design and Development (D&D) team.

Our D&D team are equipped with state-of-the-art design tools such as computer aided design for PCB layouts, CAD for mechanical assemblies and detail drawings, hardware emulators and software design tools for efficient and effective product development. The new D&D laboratory has environmental testing chambers and equipment for testing EMI compatibility of products.

Design for manufacture is a prime focus of our design group. Care is taken in the selection of components and processes that ensure production is of high quality at a competitive price. Tytronics is experienced in designing products that meet European, Australian and US standards.

The team’s strengths are in analogue and digital electronics, electromechanical assemblies, metal components and plastics part design. Tytronics has a proven record of finding innovative solutions to challenging customer requirements.

As a quliaty oriented company we have a clearly defined product development process and can also provide assistance with standards & approvals, product testing & approvals, quality control, PPAP (pre-production approval process) and FMEA (failure mode effect analysis).